Healthcare Solutions

Cedar is a healthcare solution to maintain medical records on blockchain using Hyperledger. Cedar promises data security and complies with all standards and legal requirements for maintenance of medical data. Use of blockchain ensures immutability of data and hence the accuracy of Cedar's data. It also provides anonymized analytics for research purposes.

Medical History Management

Diagnostic reports are maintained on blockchain for proper diagnosis.

Medical Research

Facilitates research and helps in understanding diseases by sharing data.

Data Security By Blockchain

Medical data is maintained in encrypted formats and cannot be tampered.

Simplifies Diagnostics

Simplifies diagnostic process for doctors through available medical history.

Borderless Data Sharing

Highly available, medical data can be shared from anywhere in the world.

Drug Interactions

Helps in research and study of drug interactions by analysing existing data.


Why Cedar HealthCare ?

Cedar healthcare is customized to each person based on their own unique medical, proteomic, genomic factors. The Cedar healthcare system also considers a person's socio-economic profile and medical history and forms a person-centric healthcare system.

Stores all the medical history of patients

Healthcare stores data in encrypted formats

Simplifies repetitive tasks for faster diagnostics

Delivers instant insight into patients' health


Who uses Healthcare Solutions ?

Healthcare systems are used by hospitals, doctors, patients, pharmacists and insurance companies. Healthcare systems simplify complex diagnostic processes for doctors.

Simplifies diagnostic processes for doctors

Helps in correct diagnostics of diseases

Helps in avoiding drug-drug interactions

Helps in research on drugs and diseases

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