Walnut ERP

Walnut is an enterprise resource planning software that helps manage mundane activities to simplify business processes and increases productivity. We provide customized products to all customers as per their requirement.

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Business Intelligence

Excellent BI tool to improve analytics and reporting.

Analytical Reports

Improves productivity by generating reports and monitoring inventory.

Compliance Management

Simplifies compliances, strategising and risk management.

Resource Management

Improves product planning, and resource management.

Process Management

Streamlining of complex business processes can be achieved.

Finance Management

All financials including receipts and payments is maintained.


About Walnut

Walnut ERP software can be used across industries like manufacturing, e-commerce, education and heath care. ERP helps simplify business processes, set up automations and increase productivity.

Helps increase productivity by automating core business processes

Provides better insights by eliminating information silos

Dynamic and intuitive report and MIS generations

Helps access real-time data quickly to identify and react to new opportunities


ERP Systems

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning and is used to manage day to day business activities such as project management, risk management, accounting, procurement and supply chain operations.

Helps improve analytics and reporting and can be an excellent business intelligence tool

Improves productivity by generating reports, monitoring inventory levels and timesheet tracking

Simplifies compliances and risk management

Helps improve monitoring, product planning and resource management

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