Pine Customer Relationship Management Software

Pine CRM is a SaaS-based CRM system for sales and marketing, handles customers' complex data to generate segregated information. Pine CRM software helps businesses of all sizes to build better customer relationships and improves marketing strategies for achieving higher sales targets. With Pine CRM solution, you can discover new possibilities to interact with customers, where you can grow your business like never before!

Sales CRM Software

Bring the Smart CRM to Your Business

Pine CRM solution is something more than what usual CRM does. It is powered with the latest technologies to cope up with market trends and tailored to fulfil business requirements. Pine CRM has set new standards to take your business to the next level.

  • The implementation of CRM Analytics makes sense of colossal data, including real-time behavioural data from customer interactions.
  • Pine CRM leverages AI Technology, which identifies trends and patterns more accurately than any human.
  • The implementation of Machine Learning automates processes and takes actions in smarter ways.
  • Pine is a Cloud-based CRM software integrates with AI and ML to provide a better-personalized customer experience.
  • AI Chabot’s automates tasks and interactions, communicates surveys, pre-qualifies acts, responds, reminds, recommends, and delights customers.

How will Pine CRM Enhance your Business?

Build your business on a single, secure, scalable and easily customizable platform. Pine CRM is powered with modern cutting edge technologies and has various features to simplify your business process. It empowers you to upgrade different functionalities as per market trends.

  • Provides you with a "developer platform" to create your own integrations.
  • With Pine CRM, you can run your whole business from a mobile application.
  • Pine CRM has various advanced security features to protect your valuable data.
  • Have 24/7, all year support of highly skilled support engineers to assist you with solutions.
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CRM Solution

Build your CRM as per your Requirements

Each business has unique ways to operate their business processes and services. With the Pine developer platform, you can create your own module and customer relationship management platform from scratch. You can customize solutions by adding exclusive new features and develop modules, buttons and various workflows.

Cloud-Based CRM Software

AYN InfoTech provides cloud-based customer relationship management software and custom features that extend CRM automation. Enhance customers’ lifecycle journey by getting perfectly customized software.

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CRM Migration Solution

AYN InfoTech provides smooth, cost-effective, and secure data migration from your old system. Pine Customer Relationship Management ensures no disruptive deployment delay. We remove all the outdated parameters and enhance Customer Relationship Management Software for better business growth.

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CRM Implementation Tools

We have developed integration tools that include custom rules, task management, calendar, task notification, and automated usability processes. Implementation is one of the important factors behind the success of any Customer Relationship Management Software.

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SaaS-based CRM Software

Our SaaS-based CRM Software system integrated with social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and LinkedIn. It offers functionalities like call, email, SMS, and other third-party APIs.

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