Empowering Help

Grow yourself with AYN InfoTech unique, customized solutions to provide the world with better-digitalized services.

A Stronger Platform to Achieve Your Goals

In the digitalization era, we help NGOs embrace new technologies and innovation to operate smartly and efficiently. As the world is shifting each day on new technologies like AI, Blockchain, and IoT, it is essential for everyone to walk hand in hand with these technologies. AYN InfoTech offers customized products and services with fresh thinking, insight, and experience to modernize and achieve your organization's maximum. We deliver solutions with a unique methodology and innovative thought process to cope with the latest technological trends.

AYN InfoTech understands challenges and provides a customized solution to manage various operations related to clients, supporters, members, funders, affiliates, and volunteers. Our years of experience and expertise in the field will provide you with the exact solution as per requirements.


What we provide?


Boost Productivity

Increase the engagement of clients and manage complex organization's processes to boost productivity and save time.


Customized Communication

Provides better-personalized solutions by mitigating the communication gap between the organization and its clients.


Digital Strategies

Provide a digitalized solution to engage audiences to a larger extend. We assist you with innovative ideas today for better tomorrow's experience.


Easy Payments

Your supporters and sponsors expect you to engage promptly, so it is essential to provide a smooth and secure payment platform for collecting funds.


Customer Relationship Management

Manage accounts, funders, and volunteers to cultivate long-life relationships and secure the support you need.


Customized Product

Provide a customized and efficient product to enhance user experience and increase the credibility of the product.