Media and Entertainment

From Mobile Application to Customer Management Software, AYN InfoTech offers various solutions and services for seamless information flow.

More Than Just Content

The media industry is amid massive reinvention in the digitizing era. The industry faces enormous challenges, and technology acts as a medium to bridge the gap between industry and consumers. Media is a powerful tool for spreading awareness, and digitalization will support the media industry to perform better.

AYN InfoTech offers tools and customized solutions for the media industry. We leverage technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and various tools like BI reports for smart analysis and better connectivity with audiences. We help you create a stronger relationship by analyzing customers' data to determine what they like.


What we provide?


Customer Relationship Management

Segregate your audience and innovate the core business process to increase profit margin by engaging directly with consumers.


Customized Product

Provide custom products and solutions by leveraging technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Live Streaming App

Broadcast your company events, or anything live to any device with our world-class solution and services.


Digital Video Solution

Help you orchestrate, publish, measure, and monetize your digital content with our digital video solution.


Content Analytics

Help you optimize your content by location, day, season, and customer demands.


Digital Media Supply Chain

Visibility of complex supply chain, production, and delivery workflows across the media industry.