Reinvent Logistic

Automates information flow to provide business and customers with high-quality services and products.

Automate Logistic

With the commencement of the digital era, logistics industries are obligated to use technologies to redefine and manage businesses efficiently globally. The logistics industry is at the core of the global supply chain and is constantly evolving due to emerging new technological demands and new trends. It is important to provide modern business solutions along with the latest technological trends to keep customers updated with modern services and products.

AYN InfoTech has the domain expertise and highly experienced to support logistic companies with techno-driven solutions and services. The real-time flow of information is important to drive the logistics company seamlessly. We leverage technologies IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning to keep updated with real-time data to the organization. We have expertise in product engineering, digital assurance, and legacy modernization to meet our customer needs.


What we provide?


Metros & Railways

Provide techno-driven solutions for outstanding customer experiences and optimize business operations.



Our solutions will help you achieve customer retention and increase operational efficiency.


Port and Shipping

Provide software solutions to port and shipping companies to streamline processes and data across all port operations.


Data Analytics

Analyze and segregate data as per business requirements to simplify business processes.


AI Chatbots

Provide instant assistance to customers, which save resources and time.



Provide software solutions to keep updated with real-time data updates to the stakeholder or organization.