Innovating Life Sciences

Leveraging technologies and years of experience to deliver next-generation treatments and cures.

Transform Patient Care

Thousands of lives are affected by technological advancement and innovation in life science. Biotech, medical devices, and pharmaceutical companies are innovating, digitizing at a faster rate to provide better and quicker service to enhance patient health life cycle. Each innovation in medical science saved more lives and increase lifespans. Meanwhile, life science, biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical devices companies face tremendous pressure to continue and provide such medical miracles timely.

AYN InfoTech is driving a new era of connected, personalized, and techno-driven platforms for life sciences companies. Our products, methodologies, and years of experience transform patient care for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devices companies. We help you understand and manage patient health data effectively and build enduring relationships to deliver outcomes-based services. We help you engage patients, physicians, and healthcare partners innovatively and save more lives.


What we provide?


Drug Inventory Management

Track orders, monitor supply and usage of stored medication precisely for the significant growth of an organization.


Clinical Research

Capture and manage data from clinical trials easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Medical QMS

Manage document, training, and business processes efficiently with Medical QMS Software.


Invoice Management

Ensure a fast and accurate billing system secure with blockchain technology for transparent cash-flow management.



Get real-time updates and segregate data for efficient organization performance.


Sales Management

Automate your lead capture, engagement, follow-ups and sales-tracking to increase the overall efficiency of the organization.