Latest Trends in IOS App Development for Developers

IOS App Development

Apple is a leader of bringing about change. It has constantly focused on upcoming trends in iOS app development. The latest trends in IOS App Development have tightened their grip on the enterprise and commercial markets. Some of these are highlighted below.

A few latest trends in IOS App Development

1.Apple Watch

The growth of Apple Watch among the wearable devices is stunning. In the recent past, the number of persons using iWatch has increased by thousands. iOS app developers have created customized, user-oriented apps for Apple Watch wearables.

2.IOS Business Apps

In the Enterprise market, iOS Business apps are largely reputed for their efficiency and advantage. The success of these apps has provided tremendous stimuli to iPad app development. Because Apple has integrated the iBeacon technology with these apps, these apps result in unbelievable benefits for the marketing and commercial regions.

3.GPS and iBeacon Integration

Due to the above integration, integrated location-based tracking becomes possible. Due to this, businesses can accurately assist their customers. Various brands get location-based preferences to concentrate their marketing performance on individual customers.

- In 2018, some other Latest Trends in IOS App Development were iOS version 11 update and Swift 3.0 programming language. In particular, the Swift implementation has been one of the crucial Latest Trends in iPhone App Development. Apple has developed a new Swift 2, which is developer-friendly and allows the iOS apps to work without hurdles. The main coding language for almost all iOS apps has been Objective-C. Since Swift has been introduced, app developers have begun using Xcode tools, which result in very reliable code.

- Augmented Reality also finds a place among the Latest Trends In iPhone App Development. This trend leverages GPS technology for providing an entire gamut of services. This trend is used to a large extent in games, and hence, games are being integrated with several activities that users perform. It can be easily concluded that Augmented Reality will be used to a large extent in 3D video games. However, in this case, the issue of security will have to be kept a watch on.

- According to a Gartner report, in 2016, The Latest Trends in iPhone App Development have resulted in free apps increasing from 75% to 93%. Customers are also showing a rising demand for hybrid apps for multiple platform reach.

iPhone App Trends For Developers

- iOS apps such as Spotify, Doorman, Photoshop Fix, and Waze were able to entice a very large number of uses. On the other hand, Apple’s Siri could not create the type of impact it was expected to. Some of the other iPhone App Trends For Developers were a boost in the popularity for Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Chatbots.

- Apple is reputed for an advanced level of security infrastructure. Therefore, while studying iPhone App Trends For Developers, it is essential to consider the increasing instances of hacking. Especially for digital vaults, Apple will have to be much more watchful as regards security. It is expected that in the upcoming time, the app trends will focus on development of innovative, intuitive apps that can display a seamless performance.

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