It’s High Time You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile web have overtaken tasks traditionally carried out on desktops and laptops in terms of number of users, searches and purchases. The frequency with which the mobile users are increasing globally i.e. over half of web traffic is on mobile, they are no longer afraid to make purchases on their phones. As far as mobile internet is concerned it’s still in infancy, and this is the right time to jump on board and get ahead of the pack! Now a days, mobile-friendly website has become an absolute necessity as mobile is where your customers are – so it’s also where you should be! Let’s focus on main reasons as to why we need mobile-optimization -

• Know Your Target Audiences Very Well

You have to know who your target consumers are so that you can make the most out of all the advanced targeting options provided by the platforms. Good targeting ensures that your ads are shown to the right people. When right people see your add, customers will definitely visit your site which can pave a way to increase ecommerce sales.

• Responsive Website is the Need of the Hour

Your website needs to be very simple, and easy to navigate. While navigating mobile-friendly websites users want to feel like they are not missing out on too much that main desktop site offers, which is why your site needs a fresh look which should be less clumsy and not much crowded.

• Mobile Users Tend to Buy More

While the same people are behind both mobile and desktop traffic, they tend to behave differently across different devices. Mobile-friendly websites make these users buy more and spend more than their desktop counterparts. So mobile optimisation will help you to attract more consumers and will subsequently increase your revenues.

• Mobile Landing Pages Require Different Strategies

What works for desktop landing pages doesn’t work for mobile landing pages, as mobile screens can’t handle the same style of presentation employed on a full desktop screen. You’ll need to create mobile responsive landing pages to boost your sales, if you hope to take advantage of the small, frequent purchasing behaviour of mobile users.

• Google Ranks Mobile Content Separately & Favours Mobile Responsiveness

Google has a separate index for mobile content and favours Mobile Friendly Website in its SERP rankings. According to Google’s latest major algorithm update, it has enacted significant penalties for websites failing to meet its standards for mobile friendliness. If Google doesn’t find your website isn’t “mobile-friendly”, it’s not going to show up in searches done on mobile devices!

• More Mobile-Friendly Website, More Sales

Now days, the majority of sales are done on mobiles and smart phones. Creating a mobile-friendly website is a necessity to help generate and keep traffic on your website intact. An unresponsive website will lose all the searches that are happening on mobile phone and tablets. Any ways, mobile optimized website conversion is better and faster!

• Mobile-Friendly Website is Bound to be Responsive

If you would visit a website where you needed to scroll sideways to see the whole page, you would get frustrated sooner. Unfortunately, most sites appear this way on a mobile device as well. A potential customer will quickly lose patience and click over to a competitor. In order to retain them, you have to make your website more responsive to the screen of a phone and still provide customers with everything they need to know.

• Social Media Referrals Are On Mobile

Do you know that 91% of mobile internet access is used for social activities? As social media continues to grow and evolve its finding its primary hub on mobile devices. If you want to take full advantage of your social audiences, you need a mobile-friendly website which is designed to seamlessly catch their social browsing click-through.

• Mobile Makes Branding Much Easier

You need to build your branding through mobile as the frequency of visits is so large on them. It will make the brand more visible, well placed and strategically positioned. Such branding would be very beneficial in the long run to gain an edge over your competitors.

So, it’s high time you stop waiting for any miracle to happen and increase your online traffic and sales. Smart phones and other mobile devices are here to stay (and not going anywhere anytime soon), so optimizing your website as Mobile Friendly Website is the need of the hour! After all, you need to be more close to your customers to retain them forever!

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