Revolutionizing Healthcare

Adopting an integrated approach for transforming healthcare service across the globe.

Building a Better Tomorrow

The exponential increase in the adoption of digitalization is a massive challenge in the healthcare sector. As people shift to the digital world, the healthcare sector has to manage consumer experience and the latest technologies efficiently. The Healthcare sector must excel in scientific leadership and innovate the process throughout the system to create a digitalize physician and patient-centric experience.

AYN InfoTech leverages technologies like AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and innovative ideas to deliver the best service to patients and physicians to work remotely through telemedicine. We understand challenges and provide a proper solution to accelerate the complex process to save time and money. As the world is evolving, we know challenges and provide the most efficient solution for healthcare users.


What we provide?


Hospital Management

Integrating the complex process like appointment scheduling, patient data management, and billing process to increase productivity.



Digitalize the old ways of consultations of doctors and patients via an online platform to save time and lives by timely treatment.



Analyzing the data and patient history to avoid the drug or food reactions by leveraging technologies.


Smart Analytics

Providing real-time data and analytics to determine patient health trends accurately and to manage supply-chain.


Patient History Management

Creating a platform to manage patient history efficiently and effectively to have better medical treatment.


Secure Payments

Provide with the world-class payment gateways to enhance the customer experience with proper data security.