Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know us better, our work culture, our methodologies, and the services we provide to our customers. Still have questions, write to us directly at [email protected]

We inspire our clients to be a part of the entire project. Our process aims for constant communication, co-operation and transparency from development through delivery.

Our process consists of four stages:

Design, Development, Deployment, and Support & Maintenance. Our process is driven to rapidly iterate and deliver a product of superior quality to the market, one that adapts to ever-changing markets and competition.

Learn more about the first stage of our process, the discovery step.

  • Discovery & Design Phase
    1. User Personas
    2. Sitemap or User Flows
    3. Project Charter and Backlog
    4. User Experience Design
    5. Visual Design
  • Development Phase
    1. Cross-Functional Team
    2. Daily Stand-Ups
    3. Continuous Integration and Deployment
    4. Working Software Delivered Each Sprint
    5. Testing throughout Every Iteration
    6. Continuously Improving Backlog
    7. Deployment Phase
  • Deployment of Solution
    1. Artifacts Transfer to Client
    2. Client Deployment Education
  • Support and Maintenance
    1. Address Live User Needs
    2. Bug Fixes
    3. Minor Feature Improvements

    Following are the services that we provide:

    1. Digital Marketing
    2. Manpower Sourcing
    3. Process Implementation Partnership
    4. Revamp Software
    5. Mobile App Design

    We use various technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning.

    1. For the backend, we use Python, Django, NodeJS, and PHP.
    2. For Front-end, we use Angular, React js, and PHP.
    3. For mobile applications, we use React Native, Flutter, Swift, kotlin, and Android.

    At AYN InfoTech, We are using Jira and Trello platforms in project management. These are the best tools to track the project status accurately and manage workload of the project team.

    We have worked on Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Core Banking Software, hotel management; fleet management, hospital management, taxi aggregator, EHR management, fantasy sport, and e-commerce software are some of our work.

    At AYN, our team size will depend on project size as small scale projects may have 4-6 resources, Medium size projects may have 7-10 resources and large scale projects may have 10-30 resources. We are preferring Waterfall and Agile - Scrum methodologies as per the project requirements to deliver valuable products to our customers.

    We assure confidentiality of the information by the following factors:

    1. We sign Confidentiality Agreements and NDA as required by clients.
    2. All employees are full-time employees and are bound by the company's Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses.
    3. For sensitive projects, we create an isolated cell that is disconnected from any public network.

    Hiring a dedicated software development team is a smart choice also has drawbacks as it is a very time-consuming process, and the cost of keeping an in-house development team is huge. Hiring us can save a lot of time and money. We provide you with job completion assurance and support after the completion of the project.

    Our team of developers develops quality code. We strongly believe that the creation step is the strongest in building a better innovative solution.

    Every project undergoes the hands of suitable Testing/QA professionals, where they use advanced techniques like block-box testing, smoke testing, regression testing, functional testing, and integration testing.

    We will provide you with regular project updates via email and ad-hoc meetings, i.e.,teleconference, live chat and Video Conferencing.

    It depends on the modules of the project. Our tech team will analyze and will provide you with the proper timeline.

    Yes, either a project manager or a key account manager will be assigned to provide a timely update regarding the project and understand your requirements throughout the project.

    All projects that we take has the below benefits:

    1. Confidentiality Guarantee: All client data will be kept confidential.
    2. Price Assurity: Around 50% cost-saving as compared to on-site development.
    3. Assured Results: Progress-linked payments weighted to the end.
    4. Timely Deliver: Project timelines have varying importance in the workplace.

    Sure, we are happy to help you to upgrade software as per the requirements or commence of new technologies.

    Sure, the team size can be increased or decrease as per your necessity. The pricing will also vary accordingly.

    We always welcome clients to try our products and services. After demonstrating all the abilities in a pilot project, we succeeded in continuing the relationship with clients.

    Our preferred pilot project is either an independent project or a subsystem of a larger project. Pilot projects are typically for 2-4 weeks duration with hourly charges.

    Moreover, at AYN InfoTech, we invest the same amount of time and resources in Pilot projects as in real projects.

    It varies as per the idea. Our subject matter expertise would recommend you only the best solution.

    It will not be required as we have a dedicated team of developers, testers, and business analysts for your project. We have a project manager and business analysts who would timely update you regarding the project's status.

    1. Fixed cost project
    2. Per hour billing

    Sure, you can upgrade software as per your requirements in the future.

    We have a dedicated support team that will be assigned to you in AMC.The initial contract generally covers free support for 3 months.

    All of our team, including all developers, are based in India. We never outsource our work overseas to ensure our quality services are delivered on-time and on-budget.

    Our developers have diverse backgrounds in the engineering sector, allowing us to develop products in the language that will be best fit your specific project specifications for optimal performance. We have extensive experience in native mobile development languages for iOS and Android and all popular web languages, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular, Java, PHP, Python and several web-based frameworks.

    AYN InfoTech is serving for over a decade. Its headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India, with three branches located in the UK, UAE and US.

    We expect the information necessary and all the requirements you have regarding the project properly.