Reforming Education

We are here to support you with solutions, products, technologies, services, and the best practices, no matter where you're learning.

Let's Advance Learning

AYN InfoTech is your partner in the change - we are working alongside you to enable success to your institution by helping you leverage technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT. We believe that future demands are more than just a Learning Management System (LMS). We have shifted our model with better strategies, methodologies where the product - integrated as per requirements to meet future challenges. Customizable models provide you with a unique connected experience across a broad way of capabilities that aim for excellence and a better experience.

We have elevated the learning experience with a reliable online platform that provides personalized and new learning methodologies like game-based learning. We provide innovative services that help students put their ideas quickly into practice. We ensure the high availability of learning resources by leveraging cloud computing technology so that the data is accessible across the education landscape. Our team offers years of experience and proven expertise in everything to bring you the best-customized solution.


What we provide?


Video Content

Ensuring better quality videos and features like video recording, data sharing, and data managing for students and teachers.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Customizable software meets requirements like data management, hierarchy management, and inventory management for a seamless experience.


Live Web Session

Providing seamless, uninterrupted online education with features like online chat, discussion, and doubt portals.


Online Exams

Providing software that measures skills, aptitude, personality, and ability; can be customized as per needs.


Assessment Tools

Assessment tools include both formative and diagnostic assessments to measure students' skills.


Mobile Education

Providing tools and features on every platform, with proper data privacy and data management functionalities.