E-New India

School Management Software
  • Educational ERP
  • Our Official Product
  • 01-03-2018
  • AYN Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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E-New India is a revolutionary school management software which gracefully manages daily school activities such as Results, Timetables, Staff Managing, Student Managing, Library System, Library Management System, Notification System, School Bus Transport System, etc. E-New India is a state of the art communication link between the “School-Teachers-Students-Parents-School” where Parents will be the most benefiting entity as they will be informed about school and their child activities on the go through notifications. The Main advantage of E New India school management software is that it serves everyone involved within the academic process. It provides functionalities that enables administrators to smoothly run the institution in a most efficient way without spending too much and within the deadlines. And last but not the least, is that all the entities Students, Teachers, Administrators and Parents are winner when it comes to the use of E-New India Application which probably the best benefit of all. At the end of all, we always focus on giving the quality education to the students with high desired academic goals.