Cedar Healthcare Solution

Cedar is a healthcare solution, to maintain medical records on the blockchain using Hyperledger. Cedar promises data security and complies with all standards and legal requirements for the maintenance of medical data. Use of blockchain technology ensures the immutability of data and hence the accuracy of Cedar's data.

Healthcare Technologies

Leveraging Technologies to Empower Healthcare

Cedar Healthcare Software is the next step in the healthcare industry. Our core competence is to enhance healthcare services that we provide to our customers with the application of various technologies and proprietary platforms that complement our customer's business models

  • The implementation of Cloud Computing in Cedar Healthcare Software has improved facilities like telemedicine software, virtual medical adherence and pre-hospitalization care plans.
  • IoT in Cedar Healthcare Software has enabled interoperability, easy information exchange, and machine-to-machine communication, resulting in highly effective delivery services.
  • Blockchain enables Cedar Healthcare to be smarter and more secure, as blockchain is immutable and decentralized.
  • AI and Machine Learning enable Cedar Healthcare to warn doctors and patients about possible adverse side effects of drug-drug interaction.

How Cedar Healthcare Enhance Healthcare Industry?

Cedar Healthcare is a blockchain-based software that enables healthcare users to transfer and access healthcare information securely. It also improves medical business management, which further improves financial efficiency and cut down costs.

  • Medical data is maintained in encrypted formats and cannot be tampered.
  • Medical data can be shared and updated on the Cedar Platform.
  • Simplifies the diagnostic process for doctors through available medical history.
  • Cedar Healthcare enhances patient outreach through telemedicine and also enhances medical marketing.
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Healthcare Industries

Build your Healthcare as per your Requirements

The healthcare sector has a unique way to operate and has various functionalities. It has various modules that can be integrated easily as per requirements. Cedar healthcare has a creative User Interface which makes it a user-friendly software.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management optimizes your returns and shortens the revenue cycle that combines EHR software workflows and payment collections into a single source. We program features for verifying insurance eligibility and claims. We created custom Business Intelligence (BI) for analyzing critical data from the hospital information systems repository.

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Cloud Migration Service

We provide a smooth and efficient cloud migration service considering data security and regulatory compliance. Cedar Healthcare allows data to move smoothly among patients, hospitals, EHR systems, RCM, and other channels in the digital healthcare systems securely. Cedar healthcare cloud migration provides greater mobility and security(HIPAA compliance).

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Document Management Solutions (DMS)

We build document management modules to access patients' Electronic Health Records (EHR) to maintain notes from physicians and pharmacists, accepting faxes electronically, and maintain audit trails. DMS integrates with scanning technology to capture and automatically organize information from physical forms for better customer experience.

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Healthcare Blockchain Solution

We offer tailor-made healthcare solutions that are powered by blockchain technology, i.e., Hyperledger. Blockchain-based software empowers healthcare users easy access to data and speeds up the process of patient care in hospitals with high accuracy & consistency.

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Why AYN InfoTech

AYN InfoTech is a leading IT company that has energetic and innovative teams of developers who are experts in the field of healthcare. Cedar Healthcare is a smart solution to overcome challenges and set new heights of healthcare services.