Digitizing Banking

Mitigating dynamic disruption in banking by leveraging digital technologies and expert knowledge.

Borderless Banking

Since the last few decades, the world has experienced a revolutionary change in the industrial, educational, and banking sectors. It is essential to understand as the world is digitizing, people are becoming technology-friendly and expect smart products around them with proper security and functionality. The banking and financial sector faces many challenges to stay up with technologies and products—the technological blend with requirements that projects new capabilities for this sector. The new digitalized service helps them keep up with technological trends, eliminating the threat of becoming obsolete.

AYN InfoTech delivers customized products with highly secured end-to-end solutions for various banking workflows, including KYC and transaction management. With design and innovative thinking, we not only solve problems but also identify fundamental issues. We study workflows and open up new possibilities for innovation. With the help of technologies like AI, Blockchain, and IoT, we ensure smooth data flow for better productivity and uninterrupted services.

Our robust team of consultants leverages technologies to digitize banking services like payment, credit, wealth management, loan, and insurance for commercial and government banks.


What we provide?


Wealth Management

Enabling the best technologies and strategies to increase profitability and reduce the Firms’ complexity by proper wealth management.


Customer Relationship Management

Helping banks offer customers with better services by providing a secure environment and leveraging technologies like Blockchain.


Currency Management

Manage multicurrency transactions smoothly and efficiently with proper data security and secure payment gateways.


Retail Banking Solutions

Leveraging technologies for a smoother flow of banking services for best-personalized customer experience.



Providing the best service to minimize lost inventory, equipment failures, and improve the asset lifetime value.


Banking Delivery Channels

Provides various mediums like cards and internet banking to connect with bank services digitally, both online and offline.