Digitizing Automotive

Driving innovation to increase efficiency and mitigate operational costs with digital solutions.

Driving Digital Destiny

The automotive industry is facing enormous changes brought by the digital revolution. Technologies and automation continuously influence consumers' demands. Even dealers and distributors are changing the very way to operate the industry due to automation. Products are becoming more complex while maintaining safety compliances and environmental regulations by the implementation of technologies. Products are designed intelligently, keeping the focus on innovation, better connectivity, enhance efficiency, capacity, and mitigates costs.

AYN InfoTech understands challenges, provides services and software solutions to overcome all obstacles. We use digital age technology like IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud service to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and provide a smart combination of legacy and modern technology to maximize results. We help you to remain ahead in the race and achieve maximum output with minimum investment.


What we provide?


Supply Chain Management

Manage raw materials efficiency, reduce excess costs, and deliver products to customers faster with SCM.


Customer Relationship Management

Managing customers, business processes effectively to increase the productivity of employees.


Automating Testing

Improve your software quality and efficiency by automating testing tools like Selenium, Eclipse, Cucumber, and ANT.


Product Development Lifecycle Management

Managing your product proficiently through the entire product development lifecycle.


Plant and Maintenance Management

Keep track of inventory and assets, and streamline all production processes to increase efficiency.


Franchise Dealer Management

Grow your business effectively by getting instant client’s data update and automating tasks.