Yakub Sheikh

Chief Executive Officer


We have an ambitious vision for a cordless future, a class strategy of going forward, strong, business momentum, and an inspired organization.

Mr. Yakub Sheikh is the CEO and founder of AYN InfoTech. He has over 11 years of experience in the field of IT, building and managing large business units, maintaining customer relationship management, strategic alliance, supply chain, and delivery management across various industries, businesses, and technologies.

Mr. Yakub Sheikh has been a strong leader, a great motivator, an industrialist, a social worker, and an angel investor. He has founded the AYN group which comprises of 8 companies - AYN Infotech Ltd, AYN Holdings Pvt Ltd, AYN Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, ATZ Cart Pvt Ltd, AYAT Logistics Pvt Ltd, AYAT Motors Ltd, FastPay Online India Pvt Ltd and World Team 11 Fantasy Pvt Ltd. He is actively working in various educational, non-profit organizations, and the research sector.

Mr. Yakub Sheikh holds a bachelor's degree in Information technology and is certified in Economics and International Business by IBMI.

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