Mohammed Zaffer

Chief Technology Officer


We are focused on research and innovation. We aspire to provide novel software products and solutions to address user requirements.

Mohammed Zaffer is the Chief Technology Officer at AYN InfoTech. He heads AYN InfoTech's research and development department and defines company's vision and strategy. He has a rich experience in implementing new technologies, creating efficient system architectures and solving complex real-world problems through technology.

Zaffer is also the founder of TutorC, CodeGrip and the co-founder of Incubig. He is experienced in a wide array of technology domains like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Web technology. He is an expert in database technologies, web frameworks, data structures and algorithms. Zaffer has been a role model for all techies at AYN InfoTech.

Zaffer is a graduate from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. He is a Gold Medalist in International Maths Olympiad(IYMC) and National Cyber Olympiad(NCO). He has several research papers in the field of AI.

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